Feb 16, 2024, 11:33 AM
Dear Friends,

How long it has been since I’ve posted an update. Many of you know some of what follows. Warning: It’s a tearjerker, but this story is certainly one of hope, among other things…

So let’s begin this novel with a detour. I mention something about a record a little further down, but here is the name: SYSA. It stands for: Save Yourself Save All. It’s a record with very difficult moments/songs, but topped with a healthy helping of hope.

Now rewind:I will hit *five* years sober at the end of May! I’ve had my struggles along the way, but a nearly 20 year struggle with alcohol and drug addiction landed me in prison for a year and a half. While I may disagree with the charges, I chose no contest as I placed myself, yet again, in a situation that was not good. Happy to share more, but both for those involved as well as those who wish to form on their own, or have questions, you are more than fair to come to whatever conclusion you feel is appropriate. But I do think it’s important, non-judgementally, to state that nothing was sexual related: neither in official charges or dropped. Perhaps only others in the system will fully appreciate why I mention this. Moving on…

Prison was an awful experience. With that said eyes were opened to myriad things: The time I’d missed out on/wasted with family, justice/injustice in our system, racism, the friends I’d hurt, the distance this put between me and others, and that I had lost interest in almost everything. Still loved music but couldn’t appreciate it well in my haze, much less create it.

My Xmas gift in 2020 was to pack up all my belongings to be transferred to Rush City in Minnesota for just shy of a year. Had only ever been in custody for the first time a few months before. The warning signs were there. And I didn’t listen. Now I’d find myself locked up in high security with some fairly dangerous individuals. But I also found much love and hope in the crappiest of places. My parents were gracious enough to purchase a grossly overpriced guitar, and in my final six months, went into a writing frenzy.

It was sobering, (yes, pun intended!) to realize some of my greatest memories were in prison. This included countless hours in “The Time Machine”: the name my buddy Ted and I gave the room as we wailed away; always growing, always learning. I chose to do my time in a way that would give myself the very best shot of success and to never return. Due to this experience I now volunteer with local nonprofits, am launching one myself, and mentor several folks in a growing mentorship movement.

Won’t make you wait any longer for what you are likely most interested in. I have been building out a world-class studio in Uptown (part of Minneapolis) and things have accelerated at breakneck speed, with no end in sight. I am not prepared to put a hard date on the record’s release, but it will be no earlier than this year. However, with a ballooned collection of more than 70 record-ready songs, it’s important to get material out there ASAP. I do plan on streaming some of my recording sessions, so look for a swath of new material soon! To kick this off the season of “I’m back, Baby! ”, I’ll be playing either this week or next at The Terminal Bar and will capture the best video and audio I can at the moment. If you wish to attend, there is no cover, and I will go on for my first set around 8 or 9. Will be sharing a bunch of new material on my second set.

Thank you all for your unwavering support in my life’s journey. The impact, forgiveness, and excitement is something we get to share together as an amazing gift. Let’s get back on this horse and ride! Be well.

Jeremiah Rich

May 4, 2021
Just released my latest song, “All You” 💔 as a live recording on YouTube! It ventures down the sad that is heartbreak, and took nearly 8 years for me to write. If you are struggling to put a finger on your feelings like I have, maybe this can help you on your journey… Hope you enjoy it! And as always, thank you for watching, sharing, liking, subscribing—everything! This is gaining traction all because of you! 🙏


April 21, 2021
Hey friends. Just released my next song: Helium! Check it out and if you like it, please share and subscribe. Let’s see if we can break the YouTube view counter! 😁


March 10, 2021
New song: Breakthrough posted!


February 7, 2021
Here's a preview of another new song, called Breakthrough. Please share, like, and subscribe. Thank you for the support!


January 12, 2021
Hey friends. It has been a long time coming, but I just posted the following song on YouTube. Please check it out and let me know what you think. If you like it, please share on social media. Thank you for getting the word out. You rock!!!